Following on from our other shark post

The whitetip shark has been blamed for many attacks on humans. While most attacks can be a can of mistaken identity the whitetip can be an extremely aggressive species of shark. Last year, a 71 year old woman was killed by a thought-to-be 'rogue' whiteip in Egypt. Reports indicated that the shark didn't just bite the victim once, but made repeat passes each time inflicting more damage. The 71 year old woman died as a result of her arm being torn off.

A 60 year old fisherman claims that his boat was rammed by the suspected whitetip shark off Cornwall's coast as he fished for Mackerel. Experts are skeptical as the whitetip prefers much warmer tropical oceans but the fisherman claims he was clearly able to identify the shark and estimated it to be 6-7foot in length. The shark's trust stance is that without proper evidence such as DNA or a tooth it's impossible to confirm the identity of the shark and that it's unlikely it was a whitetip.

British waters, in the warmest summer, can reach around 17-18 degrees. This is right on the bottom end of what the whitetip can survive in, so while unlikely, it is entirely possible.

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